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SaaS - Software as a Service - application development services

What is "SaaS"?

"Software As A Service" is simply a model for deploying applications. Many companies come to us with concepts they want to deploy to their customers via a "service on demand" rather than supplying customers with a physical disc of software.

Why bother? Because if you host an application online as a service you do not have the deployment headaches of a desktop application, you are able to charge recurring monthly fees for a service rather than a one-time licensing fee, and you have total control over your application and who has access to it.

What types of SaaS applications have we developed for our customers?

  • Manufacturing supply chain management applications
  • Logistics management for global distribution facilities
  • Business process automation for global-scale warranty claims
  • Oil, fuel, refinery, and sourcing applications
  • Doctor - Patient communication portals
  • Virtual kiosk applications for churches, schools and retail
  • Document generation applications
  • Communication and social network applications
  • Asset management applications for large international marketing firms
  • and more...