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Our Process

Real software solutions. Fast.

CSDG provides incredibly polished enterprise-level custom software in 90 days or less. No excuses, no exceptions. 

We are able to make that promise because of our proprietary custom software development methodology, which we developed based on 20 years of experience in rapid application development.

Our patented process results in high-quality code, quick deliverables, and long-term scalability – all made possible by our small, tightly-knit development “swat teams.” 

Our 4-person rapid application development teams consist of a Documentation and Quality Assurance Specialist, SQL developer, .NET Developer, and a Project Manager.

Each team is assigned to individual projects so they become intimately familiar with the project requirements and the client’s ultimate goals – while still having access to other teams’ knowledge and expertise so they can do the best possible work at all times.

CSDG’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) Process


Planning is the most important stage of the RAD process. Put simply, the more time you invest in planning your project, the more successful it will be. We’ve tested this theory over the course of twenty years, and it proves true every time. 

It’s essential that our team begin with an intimate understanding of your business needs and vision for the project. When you take the necessary time to work with us to build a requirements documentation package, your end product will be incredibly efficient, exactly what your users wanted, and will live long beyond anticipated life expectancy. Face it – if the users don’t love it, who is going to be on the hook? You! 

The planning stage begins with our first meetings together and results in extremely thorough process diagrams, functional requirements documentation, and use cases that will guide our team through the design, development, and testing processes. We utilize a shared online workspace to make sure that you’re able to check on our progress every step of the way.


After working closely with you in the planning stage, we dive in to the design processes. This is when the magic happens – we’re finding innovative ways to make your vision a reality. 

We start with preliminary templates, mockups, and process flows and then create wireframes of your software – all under constant review by your Documentation and Quality Assurance Specialist for compliance with your functional requirements documentation and use cases.


Once you have approved the design plan for your project, we begin building it out into a fully functional piece of software. 

Your dedicated “swat team” then goes heads-down for intensive coding sessions, with comprehensive scripted quality assurance checks built in to test your software against the specifications defined in the requirements documentation.


As you can see, our quality assurance process isn’t a one-time thing. To guarantee that your project will launch on time, we are constantly checking it against functional requirements, use cases, and searching for good old-fashioned coding errors. Prior to release, we’ll submit it to your team closed beta testing, and make any necessary corrections.


We will deliver your enterprise-level custom software in 90 days or less, it’s that simple.

But our relationship with you doesn’t end with the release of your software. Our Technical Support Representatives will always be available to provide rapid, accurate responses to your questions about any and all problems with custom software that we’ve built.

So that’s our process – isn’t it time you got in touch?

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